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Drive line swaps, Vortec/LS motors

GM based motor swaps are the foundation of the shop.  The larger percentage of work done centers around either a LS or Vortec based motor swap.  Most motor swaps pair up with a matching GM automatic transmission but a manual NV4500 five speed can also be used.

Desi Motor Trans T-Case.jpg


Brake rebuild

Brakes are often a long neglected item on most Cruisers.  This gets more critical if you are adding more power with a swap.  We can do anything from a simple OEM rebuild to total upgrades of the brake system.  We can also refurbish your parts, stripping away all rust and paint, rust abatement  and re painting.  Many trucks roll out of here looking show room new, with parts to match including all new bearings and seals.

Typical Rear Drum Brakes We Encounter

Although this one is on the dry side, many are also leaking at the wheel cylinder.

Although this one is on the dry side, many are also leaking at the wheel cylinder.

Rear Drum Brake After Total Refurbish

Desi Rear Brake After.jpg
A lot more power need more brakes to slow it down.

A lot more power need more brakes to slow it down.


Axle Rebuild

Axles are an often neglected maintenance item that we can handle for you while your truck is here.  Inner axle seals wear and allow gear oil to migrate into the birfield and break down  the grease that lubricates it.  This leads to premature wear on the birfields.  All bearings, seals and gaskets are replaced.  Birfields and axles are replaced on an as needed basis along with spindles and and other parts that may be damaged.



We'll install your equipment from bumpers to winches.  

Dual Swing Out Rear Bumper

Dual Swing Out Rear Bumper





The approach taken at HFS is basically a three tier electrical system.  The categories are, Motor and trans related, OEM electrical and everything else.  The motor electrical is a stand alone system that relates only to the drive train and has no interface with the OEM or secondary system aside from what the motor and trans ECU require.  The secondary system is used to power any and all electrical additions made to the vehicle.  The OEM system is left as found aside from necessary repairs for proper operation.

All wiring is done on a harness basis, nothing is hard wired in and all connections are done via industry standard connectors.  All wiring is also clearly labeled.  

Hound Wiring Harness.jpg

A common option around here on the 60/62 series is a bus panel we install in the driver's side kick panel.  As you can see the idea is to provide power and ground inside the cab.  There is always plenty of room left for future add ons.

Des-Bus Bar Panel Installed (2).jpg